Behind The Blog

Michelle Kitange

I’m 19 years old and currently an undergraduate, pursuing an International Relations BA degree in London, attempting to navigate my way through further education, figure out my future and come to terms with the fact that this whole ‘adult life’ thing isn’t just a fairy tale fed to us as children, but is very much real. 

I am in the process of discovering myself spiritually, mentally, emotionally but the process is all part of the lesson. This space is a right of passage into my mind, my thoughts, things that may matter and things that are merely personal, sentimental trinkets in my life, the self-discoveries and the self-indulgent. This blog is a reflection of such a process, of my own development… it lingers on the things that resonate the most to me about our world, and simultaneously briefly touches on the things that remain hidden – the taboo topics, the thought train we watch everyday but are too afraid to ride.

So this it, the world, my world as candid, shameless and honest

Featured Blog Writer:

Sasha Langeveldt

How would you describe your writing?

We’re all born into a world without a manual or a guide, I guess I would like to explore the true meanings to life and share them with the world, I’m an ordinary teenager who is intrigued by norms and would like to express there is not such thing as objective guidelines we are all different
and that is okay.


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