If you have been waiting for a sign, this is it. This is your permission to let go.

The lesson: Stop trying to resuscitate the dead. Stop trying to water an already dead flower. 

The ability to let go, to not grasp tightly at things, people, places and moments which refuse to stay willingly is a childish trait I was born with and have carried like a blanket of comfort. In exposing myself, in order to remain true to the purpose of this blog I am going to admit, reluctantly that it derives from an internal sense of entitlement. I was raised to believe that I could have, be, go anywhere that I wished, if I felt it truly within me, I was raised to believe I was invincible… and in the name of honesty, that sense of entitlement still lives within me like a small, dim but nonetheless burning candle. The real burden, however, of this all is the frustration and sense of loss that accompanies the feeling when I realise that my sense of entitlement does not always align with the universe, God, spirit’s plans for me… that my path was not written entirely by me and that my life story does not have one author, but multiple.


Beyond this however, is more of a selfless reason… when I love, when I care I do so in fullness, with the entirety of my very being. The friendships, the relationships in my life, both romantic and platonic I invest heavily into and the thought of this image which I feel I have so carefully constructed I feel entitled to, I feel that I have every right to protect it, I feel that I have legal ownership of it. It has taken me almost 20 years to conclude that this attachment is doing more harm than good. The minute we have the urge to hold onto a moment, a person, a place, a relationship… is the minute it is dead. The natural flow of life and laws of the universe, such as synchronicity and the power of our own energy teaches us that each moment, each action has a consequence and we must keep moving with that flow… to attach to a moment is to block progression both internally and externally. To work against this natural flow won’t provide you with a sense of security or clarity or gratitude in having obtained what it is that you so deeply desire, instead it will prevent you from having what it is that you not only truly desire but deserve and need. In order to grow, to truly expand into who we are meant to be we must follow this flow… we must move on from relationships that are no longer serving us and take with gratitude the lessons that they have taught us, to understand that what was once for us no longer is and that this is a sign of growth and to accept it in order to allow yourself to expand and grow into a better version of yourself is to perform self-love. I don’t know about you, but I am excited to meet the woman that I am becoming.


The true art of letting go is in isolating oneself from the notion of self-entitlement, to understand that each loss is not entirely a loss, but a greater lesson that the world is providing you. The art of letting go requires us to destroy the idea of attachment that is used to disguise self-entitlement, it is this attachment that destroys the magic of living. It’s easily we find ourselves in the perfect moment and how we become so deeply entangled in the awful truth that this is not a forever-thing and soon enough the pink of watercolour skies begins to fade and the beauty within the image of the present is tainted. This sense of dread becomes overwhelming, but the real tragedy is that you have strayed too far from this perfect moment to truly live it. The juxtaposition of emotions that arise in knowing that nothing is permanent and everything is constantly changing, shifting, growing… and the enjoyment of the moment… in itself is an art form. 

So, perform. 




Journal Entry: What They Forget to Tell You About Growing Up

'and here you are living, despite it all' - Rupi Kaur

I’m at an age where the whole world expects you to know where you stand and what you’re doing. We’re all so convinced that at this point in time we’re supposed to be able to envision our futures – we’re supposed to know what every single move we’ve made, up until this point is leading up to, as if we’re all pre-programmed to be something, someone… anyone.

Except you can’t just be ’anyone’. You’re supposed be someone – we’re supposed to be the generation that makes a difference, that changes things, that turns on the light switch and suddenly in a God-like form we’ll scream ‘let there be light’ at the top of our lungs whilst moving our fingertips along to the sound of corporate greed.

I mean, we’re literally conditioned to believe that we were placed on this planet to specialise in one area of reality, and somehow, just somehow somewhere along the way we’ll make the world a better place, but I mean… how? How do we do that? We were never given blueprints or a 60 day plan. 

I think when the older generation discuss the younger generation in a negative light they forget who created us, they forget what we were raised on – it’s not merely “bad blood”, it’s their blood. Maybe we are the selfish youth, with God-like complexes knee deep in pharmaceuticals and glued to technology. But, really, who’s fault is that? This generation was ‘created’, we didn’t just ‘appear’, creating this generation was a process that didn’t happen overnight. So, dear older generation, in order to criticise our generation you must be willing to take responsibility for sitting back and allowing us to happen.

DSCF0831xxBut here we are, alive and ready to roar, frightened but fearless – Generation Z. We are a generation of frightened, frightened children learning how to go from “I want to grow up to be…” to “what on earth am I doing?!” and hopefully to “this is my next step”.

I think it’s important to realise that it is okay, to not be at ‘this is my next step’ just yet. Life does not have a time limit, it happens and all there is to do is go with the flow, move along when the tide draws you in, follow the flow of traffic and never, ever, let on that you are somewhat scared and terribly confused but just keep going, keep moving, and never look back.

I think the most important thing to remember is that life does not stop for anybody and so if you feel stuck – move… push forward and don’t look back.  Keep moving, push until you get there, remain frightened.

This is your superpower.  You are your own hero.

A ship at harbour is safe, but that’s not what ships are for.’ – William G.T. Shedd.